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No feature will function, cDock or not, when Dock is situated on the right side of the screen, though. And Finder always opens a new window with crushed columns; always have to expand a Finder window when first opened. Apple really needs to tweak the Finder app in many different ways. It also lets you color the sidebar like cDock does, and has a bunch of other features, too. Highly recommend. I knew Yosemite was trouble from the very beginning, so I decided not to upgrade. And I think I have made the right decision. My MaBook Air is still running smoothing as ever, the 3D dock is still in place and I love the look of it.

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All my applications are running without a problem whatsoever. Yosemite is really not an upgrade. Thanks in adavance…. Hope this helps!

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That hack stopped working when Mavericks came out. Yeah, it has the option has been there since Next, for crying out loud. It would be really great to have it back.

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I already filed a radar for this bug. As much as I like Yosemite, I think the 3-D dock looks better. As to why they are colored and not the default Yosemite look of black and white — I literally have no idea, mine have always been colored in OS X Yosemite and this is with a clean install, whereas they are supposed to be the thin black icons, and on another Mac they are the thin black icons instead. The icons in the sidebar of the Finder window are colored because cDock has a setting for that.

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I have cDock on a late MacBook Pro running Yosemite and on reboot it goes to the stock dock, but reverts to cDock after a few seconds. Not sure why it works fine for me, apparently this problem happens to a lot of people. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited.

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November 5, at pm. Wayne Michalski says:.

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Forgotten Code says:. I searched all over the place and ran across one article back during the beta testing of El Cap that someone described this bug, but it looks like it went without notice through Apples QC. Name required. Mail will not be published required.