Burnt ends mac and cheese

Their Burnt Ends Mac is also incredibly good.

Gram & Dun’s Burnt Ends Mac and Cheese

One of the best Macs I've had so far. I was worried the " Burnt Ends " would taste like charcoal since they were practically baked beyond recognition, but they retained a ton of flavor and added a nice smokey flavor. Dessert was also spectacular but overpriced. One of the best ice creams I have ever had, but I'd expect closer to a pint for that price. Their Sundae was priced about the same, though it seemed to have more ice cream and a ton of the bourbon baked nuts.

Our server was great. The food was delivered quite quickly and she was very friendly and talkative. When we made comments about the menu changes she was very accommodating and helped us find similar items. The hubby and I tried Brand for the first time on a Sunday, and went back the next Friday.

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I am seriously embarrassed about how quickly I ate my food--both times that should just be my review. The servers were great about not judging me as I brand-sized my Burnt Ends Mac and Cheese and inhaled it. I was very appreciative. Appetizers are a must in order to pre-game with the sauce buffet before you get your actual food. I LOVE smokey and jerk. We started with the pulled pork egg rolls.

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They disappeared. Soooo good. I don't even like a traditional egg roll, so I was skeptical--but they were delicious and I got to try all the sauces! For my main meal, I ordered the brisket sandwich on a potato bun with Burnt Ends Mac and Cheese Brand size, duh --both times.

Chef Ara’s Brisket Burnt-Ends Mac & Cheese

Yes, I ate that meal twice in one week. OMG Burnt ends. Why have they never been in my life before? Or in my Mac and Cheese? I didn't know what I was missing. The brisket is tender and juicy and the potato bun soaks up all the delicious juices. We love Brand. Nuff said.

Chef Ara’s Brisket Burnt-Ends Mac & Cheese | Edible Houston

Having dined here since my last review - and also having ordered delivery from here twice - I thought it prudent to update my review, as things have changed, and for the better. I will admit to being influenced by other Yelp reviews and reviews on GrubHub. They made me give this place another shot. The first time I reviewed Brand, it was shortly after they'd opened and while I was recognizant of the requisite hiccups of a new business, they just didn't have it together enough for me to want to give it another shot anytime in the near future.

I'm happy to say that two years later, this joint has found its place on my list of neighborhood restaurants. There are still cute little squeeze bottles of sauce and the meat on the sandwiches is still pretty bland. They've improved the brisket to a delightful combination of fat and relatively juicy meat, but the baby back ribs are still very dry and chewy.

They still serve the slaw in the little disposable plastic cups, and it's very plain and generally fine. As to the sides, the sweet potato fries now come with a very light-handed interspersing of darkly-carmelized onion strings, which are DIVINE. Get the "brand-size" portion, you won't be disappointed. They are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and show visible salt Even with delivery putting the chill on an order of these babies, they were fantastic.

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The burnt ends mac n cheese recipe seems to have changed, too. It's not watery anymore YAY! The burnt ends addition is now a definitive spoonful on top, but I've noticed that I've gotten burnt ends sometimes and what looks like brisket bits - not burnt or darkened in the slightest - other times. It's all pretty tasty, so not really a complaint. The dine-in wait time on this past Sunday afternoon around 2pm was still about minutes for a sandwich and a half-slab of the aforementioned baby back ribs.

I cannot imagine what takes so long for this, but I wish they would offer the brisket on its own and not on a sandwich.

There's so much bread that I usually forgo at least the top and only nibble at the bottom if I've still got juice or sauce or meat bits on it. The portion sizes are still about spot-on and the pricing is okay. I should mention, I've had a product of theirs which I don't believe was available a couple of years ago: Take your friggin chances and get a small bag of them to go. They are a lovely little snacky treat and a great addition to the menu. I'm happy to come back and order in occasionally. I think this place has hit its stride. Went here with a group of 8 people for dinner out last night.

Considering myself somewhat of a barbecue connoisseur, and considering that I had never heard of this place, I didn't really know what to expect. The service was very nice and attentive, and the restaurant is bright and attractive on the inside.

see The menu was refreshing in candor with respect to the burnt ends sandwich, they list a warning as to its high fat content. The food was a mixed bag. The aforementioned burnt ends were tender, smoky, and rich - well worth the calorie bomb. The pulled pork and brisket were pedestrian at best - cooked properly but bland, which is acceptable if there is really good sauce to put on it.

Seeing as how Brand has 7 house-made varieties, this shouldn't have been a problem; alas, most of the options were cloyingly sweet, and the two edible ones bourbon mustard and "smoky-spicy" were nothing to write home about. To boot, the two diners who ordered ribs said they were dry and tough, which is unacceptable. However, the sides burnt ends mac and cheese , cornbread, and sweet potato fries were pretty good, and the complimentary cole slaw is made with vinegar rather than mayonnaise, which I always appreciate. Also, it's BYOB, which is always a huge plus in my book.

These two mitigating factors bump Brand up from two-star land. All in all, I'd come back, especially considering they do Groupons, but this is a far cry from Chicago's 'cue pantheon. This place was awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed all of the dishes we ordered. I had the half rack of ribs and the bourbon creamed corn on the side and we tried the burnt ends mac n' cheese and Brand fries as appetizers. All awesome! Especially crucial was the savings from BYOB celebrating with five friends who happen to love beer as much as me.

My man's chili was served far under the chili temperature, not to mention that it didn't taste like anything a professional kitchen would create. We asked that it be nuked and it came back a little warmer. The Groupon that saved me six bucks was what brought me in the door that I will likely never pass through again, The last brunch place within the same walls was mediocre.

What is it with location? I like supporting the local small business, but Mama's learned her lesson already! But I understand why Brand had legs to stand on in order to open in the first place: The brisket was tender and perfect. But fellas, get the simple stuff like the French fries, food temp and the Mac 'n Cheese right, right? They're just not that difficult to perfect! The burnt ends mac and cheese is ridiculous, and sometimes I get a craving for it and must stop everything and go to Brand.

Poor Boys Burnt Ends

I've never had anything on the menu other than this dish, the house salad homemade ranch dressing! Keeps the ole bill down. They provide bottle openers, etc. But the service here. He also repeatedly forgot stuff and definitely didn't listen when we asked for something, or when he even took our order. I had to repeat mine three times. Incompetent service at a restaurant can completely ruin the meal for me, so it sucks that every time I go in here, I'm leaving with a bad attitude.

Brand Smokehouse &Tap Menu

It's like they get mad that people come in to eat. Bottom line, I say try this place out, because that mac and cheese is seriously crazy. But be prepared for lackluster service.