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Link Short URL. I thought they were class compliant, meaning drivers shouldn't matter. You've looked here? Paul April 03, Acknowledged In progress Doesn't need answer Answered. Add Image. I'm e. Nick D Employee April 03, Hey Paul, Thanks for posting! The Keystation Pro 88 is a class compliant controller so there will be no drivers to install; it will use your computer's Core MIDI drivers. Jchop provided a great resource for troubleshooting class compliant controllers so I would recommend referencing that first.

You should also ensure that you are connecting directly to your computer and not through a USB hub interface.

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This will help us rule out a connection issue. Let's also try a few more things - first, a MIDI monitoring software. Please download the following software for testing: snoize: MIDI Monitor Open the software and input some notes and control data with the Keystation. Does it send MIDI data into the input monitor window? Along the same line as the troubleshooting link jchop posted, we can also check a second location to see if the computer is registering the controller's connection.

Does the Keystation appear in this window? If the computer is registering the connection, the title of the controller should be colorful rather than grayed out. If the Keystation does not appear in this window, try a new configuration. With the number of controls on the Keystation, you can have everything you need at your fingertips, whatever virtual device you are triggering. The controls of the instrument are essentially an expanded and refined version of those on the MKC.

In addition to these most commonly used nine functions, another seven are available via dual key-presses, and these combinations are clearly labelled below the buttons as Control Mute, Control Select, Drawbar, MIDI Out from USB, Velocity Curve, Device ID and Memory Dump, so you don't have the brainache of trying to remember which dual key-presses activate which functions. Most of these functions are self-explanatory, but a few are worth looking at in a bit more detail. Drawbar, in particular, is worth its weight in gold to organ players, as it instantly inverts all the 60mm faders so that they send their lowest value at the top of their travel and the highest at the bottom, thereby simulating exactly the way drawbars functioned on Hammond organs.

Although I have seen other products offer this function, in my experience you have to invert each slider individually. Without this option activated, the data sent from the MIDI Out is what the Keystation itself is generating so that it can be used as a Master keyboard even when there is no computer in the system.

This may seem confusing at first, but if you think of it in a similar way to Local control on a keyboard which does make sounds, it becomes simple. Again, good panel labelling means that you do not have to hunt in the manual to find out how to do these things. In fact, the only thing which isn't on the front panel is what to do if you have a footswitch with the opposite polarity to the Keystation's programmed default. I needed the manual for this because it isn't done via the front panel!

All you have to do is hold the offending footswitch down as you power up the Keystation and it takes this as the default off position. This does mean, however, that you have to remember to do this every time you power up the Keystation, because it can't be memorised.

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These contain typical setups which are likely to be the most useful to the user. My favourite is the Native Instruments B4 in While it is unlikely that more than one or two of these will prove instantly useful, the amount of work that has gone into those one or two will save you a lot of programming time. Even if you don't have the instruments concerned, it is a lot quicker to adapt an existing preset than program one from scratch.

How To Test Your MIDI Controller Keyboard On PC or Mac

I had some trouble getting the transport controls to work with Emagic's Logic, even when I loaded the 'Pro 88 Logic Preset. I contacted the guys who designed and set up the Keystation here in the UK at the old Evolution offices, and between us we managed to work out what was going wrong. These cannot be updated with an LSO file, so the commands have to be entered using the Learn Key function in Logic see the screenshot below for the list we used.

CME UF8 or M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 | Cakewalk Forums

Then we discovered that the transport keys were toggling, which meant that only each second press of each key was actually working. It took about 30 seconds to change the output commands so that the buttons were no longer toggling. Below the main Function buttons are additional buttons to allow control of the Zones and Groups which are a new feature on the Keystation Pro. Once you get to 88 notes, it is rare that you need to use the entire keyboard to play one sound except for the grand piano, which means that when triggering other instruments, you probably want to split the keyboard into various zones to control different timbres on different MIDI channels or even instruments.

The Keystation Pro 88 allows for four different zones on the keyboard, each of which can have its own associated range, MIDI Channel, program change and transpose settings. Additionally, you can decide whether controllers like the pedals and wheels affect each zone individually. Despite its affordability, the Keystation Pro 88 has plenty of assignable hardware controls on offer on both rotaries and faders — see right and far right , plus comprehensive zoning facilities and MIDI message transmission options.

These Zones can be activated and deactivated during performance without the need to change programs. I'm taking a guess and think it may be a sys-ex communication problem. I used Studio One midi monitor and could see data sent and received by the KS The usb Keyboard 88 is connected directly to the Mac.

Thank you for any support! But there are drivers for KS88 models.


Plug and play also use drivers. Often it's good to install the latest drivers. If you need further assistance, then: 2. If you post a screenshot of your keyboard setup in Studio One's External Devices, then it might be easier for someone to help you out.

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