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After all, I had my little people to worry about, their happiness to consider, their amusement, feeding and toilet relief to look after.

Theme Park World Full Game

I also needed to make money, build my emporium, take over the wortd and brainwash its entire population with over-sugared ice cream. Of course, when those 48 hours were over I couldn't give a toss about any of it.

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So, when Theme Park World fell into my sweaty little hands, you can understand why I surrounded my PC with blankets, bags of crisps and a Victorian ceramic potty in preparation for the same experience, only with marvellous 3D graphics and hidden depths of playability that would extend its life beyond that of a mayfly. And I was right. Except for the hidden depths and the 'marvellous' adjective. To begin with, the graphics lack the sharpness you'd expect. Instead you get that grainy look that graced Dungeon Keeper II, but much worse.

Sim Theme Park v2.1 (Mac)

The maximum resolution is x, so you can only ever see a small portion of your park and even on a hi-end machine the scrolling is slow and jerky. It's not a coincidence that it's also a PlayStation game -its childish console feel is more than apparent. As for the depth, there's precious little to extend the original's gameplay. Don't get us wrong, you still spend whole nights building up a park, researching new rides, employing entertainers, adjusting the quality and price of your food outlets and generally being glued to the screen.

But even this short-lived addiction is marred by some frustrating quirks: you can't buy more than one item at a time so if you want to place five litter bins you have to keep going back to the buying screen and scroll down a list , the pop-up advisor is incredibly annoying but at least you can turn him off , loading a saved game is a pain and you're reduced to a maintenance person rather than an omnipotent god within an hour.

This last thing happened in Theme Hospital as well and every other god game, for that matter , but only after you'd spent a couple of weeks playing it and discovering a million things.

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The title is wide of the mark, too. The original had a world map you could work your way round when you had enough money. Here you start off with two themes Halloween and Lost Kingdom and have to unlock the other two Fantasy and Space by winning golden tickets. The actual developer of the free software is Adam Hearn.

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Annon, did you ever find out if it works on Windows 10? Windows Mac. Download now KB. Developer: Adam Hearn.

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Sim Theme Park Mac Download Full Game

License: Freeware. Download Theme Park World Fix.

How To Install: Theme Park World (GOLD EDITION) ((Windows 10))

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