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Suddenly, the news was not something to be read but experienced. Flipboard released with the magical price point of free, setting the precedent for this genre.

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Today iPad owners can download a ton of great free news readers, each with their own unique spin. Even Google has decided to throw its hat into this ring with Google Currents.

My favorite of these is easily Zite. The reason for this is that Zite is an intelligent news app. This is the future of content consumption. Applications that extend our personal efforts with automated content filtration that knows exactly the type of articles to search for and deliver based on our preferences.

How to Download and Install Flipboard for PC and Mac?

Following the same procedure we would use to find Flipboard, Zite and their brethren in the iOS App Store, we open up the Mac App Store and head to the top downloaded free news apps. This is what we find:. Note that this is everything that shows up. Several are run of the mill RSS readers, others are aimed at novel ideas like putting a news feed ticker on your desktop.

The closest we come is Mixtab , which started as a sloppy direct port of an iOS app but has since come a long way towards being a respectable Mac news reader.

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If the publication has deleted the article from its website, though, it will no longer be available in Apple News. Apple News doesn't store the news content, it just acts as a portal to the websites that are hosting the articles. Flipboard's news website isn't quite as sharp as its mobile app, though it's not bad. The mobile app just sets a high standard for information density, typeface design, and content discovery. Just tap on the magnifying glass in the mobile app, then compare it to what you get when you do the same on Flipboard's website.

In the app, you get a host of neatly categorized recommendations, then tapping on the search box shows you a list of trending topics. Tapping on a list item produces a dynamically generated tabbed list of results, from hashtags to individual articles to social media activity.

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Also, we originally signed up for an optional Flipboard account by signing in with a Google account, but the website doesn't provide an actual function to do that, despite directing us to do so. Google account credentials can only be used in Flipboard's mobile app. As for Google News, the choice is harder. Google News refreshed its visual design recently, and its new minimalism may appeal to Apple fans more than Apple News does.

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News category navigation is also much more accessible in Google News. In the web version, it's all in a column to the left. In Apple News, you have to scroll past all of your individual publication channels before you find the category listing. However, if you're looking for news from a specific publication, Apple News is better, because its channels are readily designed to populate your screen with articles from a single source, whereas Google News prefers to cluster multiple publications around a topic.

In our experience, Apple News may also draw content from a wider variety of sources. You can add dozens and dozens of them to Apple News, and it does a respectable job of juggling them all into the appropriate topics. However, as we mentioned earlier, blocking a website in Apple News may require repeated requests before the app gets the message. To block a website in the web version of Google News, you just hover your mouse pointer over the story, click on the three-dot menu, and select "Hide all stories from [website].

Last but not least, Google News also features a local weather widget with a 5-day forecast powered by Weather.

How to Download and Install Flipboard for PC and Mac?

Thankfully, all three of these news platforms are free to use, so you can ultimately decide for yourself which of them best suits your needs, or you can juggle them all. Tom McNamara. Retrieved May 3, Retrieved June 11, Retrieved June 23, The Verge.

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