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Depending on how much cash you're willing to splash, you can get up to 32GB of RAM with 9th-gen i7 6-core or i9 8-core processor options available too. So yes, this is easily the most powerful MacBook Pro Apple has ever released, but unless you've got some seriously demanding professional-level kit that requires that much grunt, you're probably better off checking out some of the older, cheaper MacBook Pros models below instead and saving yourself some serious cash.

There are also rumours of a inch MacBook Pro coming soon, so you might want to hedge your bets until then. The version of the inch Apple MacBook Pro is the best yet, comes with the Touch Bar as standard on most models and features a range of improvements. The screen resolution may be the same with the excellent Retina display, but now there's True Tone technology inside that senses ambient lighting in the room or outdoors to adjust the brightness of the screen for the best possible picture.

The keyboard is quieter and less 'clicky' too.

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You're getting the brand new 8th-gen Coffee Lake core processor and the quad-core CPUs have doubled the performance of the models. With more options for larger RAM too, options really open up for creatives and professionals with the MacBook Pro If you're looking for the best MacBook Pro prices for the highest performance, the inch model may be for you.

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The larger inch version of the MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar is generally going to cost a fair bit more than the inch model, but that's not just because of the larger screen. Apple have also pumped an impressive range of specs inside this bigger model. The True Tone screen technology and quieter keyboard are also added improvements over the model. This really is a powerhouse laptop for designers and industry creatives. If you don't need all that gear though, we'd consider the cheap MacBook Pro inch model.

Or, you could always opt for an older MacBook Pro - prices are likely to be much better.

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The older inch MacBook Pros are amongst the cheaper options if you want to go Pro. These versions don't come with a Touch Bar which is something to factor in when comparing how much you'll save versus the added functionality the new tech could add to your work and computing life in general.

These are incredibly light for MacBook Pros, but they still pack an incredible punch with 2. The last-gen Air stays in the lineup , for now, and remains the least expensive Mac laptop for cash-strapped students and schools. The new iPad Pro : Apple's other big reveal. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

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Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Don't show this again. But it chugs if you try to multitask, and its trackpad is slippery. Cheaper, lighter laptops tend to be too slow to recommend, while faster, sleeker ones usually cost too much. Most budget laptops with decent specs have inch screens, weigh 5 or 6 pounds, and have much shorter battery life compared with ultrabooks. And because some budget laptops use a traditional hard drive instead of a solid-state drive , they feel slower than an ultrabook with the same processor and memory.

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Its keyboard is comfortable and responsive, and the VivoBook Flip is sturdier and more compact than other laptops in this price range. It also comes with some bloatware, and it has Windows 10 in S mode—a version of Windows 10 that allows apps only from the Microsoft Store and limits you to Microsoft Edge for Web browsing—but you can switch it to Windows 10 Home for free.

Their prices fluctuate constantly, too, and companies release and discontinue models with no warning. You can read our full guide to budget laptops here.

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The Surface Book 2 has powerful specs and the best battery life and most accurate screen of any Windows laptop we tested. Where they fall short: Laptops with color-accurate screens and enough power for creative professionals are expensive. Power notebooks also tend to have shorter battery life than ultrabooks, because of their larger, higher-resolution screens and power-hungrier processors. Keep reading: It has a 4K display, an eighth-generation 1. It also has all of the necessary ports and connections: two USB 3.

It also had the longest battery life of any laptop we tested this year by about 20 minutes, and you can even detach its screen and use it as a tablet if you want.

Apple Mac Air:

You can read more about these options in our full guide to power notebooks. Where they fall short: The inch MacBook Pro is even more expensive than our Windows laptop for creative professionals.

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  5. But the design seems to have come straight out of Hot Topic. Who these are for: If you want a laptop that can play the latest games with decent settings at high frame rates, a high-end gaming laptop is the way to go. Where they fall short: Gaming laptops need to be huge and heavy to make room for powerful components and proper cooling, and they also have abysmal battery life. It comes with GB of solid-state storage and a 1 TB hybrid drive.

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    5. But it has a garish faux-military design with contrasting camouflage and carbon fiber patterns, and it lacks G-sync and Thunderbolt 3, two features we expect in high-end gaming laptops. Read our full guide to gaming laptops here. This kind of laptop will serve you well for older games on high settings, and you can expect it to play most new games on at least medium settings for the next couple of years. Some get way too hot, others have poor build quality, and some have dim screens with poor viewing angles.

      And although budget gaming laptops tend to be smaller and lighter than their more powerful brethren, all gaming laptops are large, heavy, and saddled with short battery life compared with more portable options like ultrabooks.

      Over 20 years of buying and selling used Macs.

      The T has the best combination of performance, size, weight, upgradability, and price among business laptops, which tend to be more durable and serviceable than other laptops. Why we like this one: The Lenovo ThinkPad T has an excellent keyboard and trackpad, a decent screen, and a good mix of new and old ports that should keep you from ever needing a dongle or adapter. And the T offers long enough battery life to last you through a full workday or a cross-country flight.