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The classpath tells Java where to look in the filesystem for files defining these classes.

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By default only the packages of the JDK standard API and extension packages are accessible without needing to set where to find them. The path for all user-defined packages and libraries must be set in the command-line or in the Manifest associated with the Jar file containing the classes. When we invoke Java, we specify the name of the application to run: org. However we must also tell Java where to look for the files and directories defining our package. So to launch the program, we use the following command:.

For the above example, we could also use on Windows:. If none are specified, the current working directory is used as classpath.

When overriding however, it is advised to include the current folder ". The same applies not only to java launcher but also to javac , the java compiler. If a program uses a supporting library enclosed in a Jar file called supportLib. In Java 6 and higher, one can add all jar-files in a specific directory to the classpath using wildcard notation.

If a program has been enclosed in a Jar file called helloWorld. The manifest file defined in helloWorld.

The manifest file should end with either a new line or carriage return. This automatically starts org.

HelloWorld specified in class Main-Class with the arguments. The user cannot replace this class name using the invocation java -jar.


Class-Path describes the location of supportLib. Neither absolute file path, which is permitted in -classpath parameter on the command line, nor jar-internal paths are supported. Being closely associated with the file system, the command-line Classpath syntax depends on the operating system. When I open new tab in the terminal and write mvn —version it still shows 1.

Make sure you are saving this in your bash profile. Did you try restarting Terminal altogether?

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Sometimes there is some weird funniness with session persistence. I always restart Terminal after editing. Hi colleagues, its enormous article about educationand entirely explained, keep it up all the time. Thanks for posting this- is there any descent way to get the value of env variable in java code, because System. Thanks for posting this- I want to know how to get the value of env variable in java code, because System. And to enhance it somewhat, you can add a shell function to quickly change between java6,7,8 for testing.

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