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You can install the newest patch by heading over to the Apple icon on the left side of the menu bar and by performing a system update. Microsoft also released a patch of its own. Apparently, El Capitan has trouble printing landscape documents — this arises when users try to print PDF landscape documents using the Preview feature. Click on the Print tab and right click on the printer and select Reset Printing System. After doing so, restart both your Mac and printer. After doing so, you will be able to print documents without worry. Try to let the whole process finish so Spotlight will be able to run smoothly.

Another post El Capitan problem is the slower Safari. Do this by heading over to Safari in the menu bar, clicking Preferences, then Privacy, and finally clicking on the Remove all website data option.

Basically, the cache is designed to quicken loading times by saving certain elements in web pages that you visit often. For example, if you happen to visit a particular blog everyday, the browser takes note of this and downloads certain elements present in it. However, doing too much of this can slow down the browser experience, especially when some of the already-downloaded elements are now outdated.

Overall, a slow Mac can always be fixed.

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I notice there are no replies, why leave this feature on your blog when your not publishing all the flack from another Apple ass kissing exercise like all the other reviews of El Crapitan. Rotating progress boot animation taken away deliberately because your mac does take significantly longer to boot because Apple have deployed more security SID. Googling slow mac and downloading MacKeeper will only kill your Hard Drive before you can back it up and it fails for good. I have a brand new Mac with the latest version of el capitan I installed Office Office with the latest version as confirmed by our local Apple Store.

Cleaning out the dyld cache can clear a SPOD or beachball

We have found major issues that will cause businesses to go broke because of glitches with Excel putting information in the wrong cells, even when the cursor has clicked the correct cell. The problems I have found are becoming numberless.

My old Mac runs rings around this new Mac. Re: Chris Wenger If you only wanted to upgrade the OS, simply to get a supported browser, have you considered using another brand of browser other than Safari? THIS is not why I bought a macbook, so I could waste time troubleshooting each and every new upgrade. I was perfectly happy with Lion and did not upgrade to Mountain Lion after reading several reviews. However, about six months ago autumn I kept receiving an invitation to upgrade to El Capitan.

So I did. Took a while to do, and because I am a lady of a certain age — thought all the following changes for the worse, were due to my lack of expertise. It also co-incicded with my village upgrading our local broadband to the fibre superfast which I did not take as my MacBook immediately became really slow.

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It seemed to improve, but has indeed deteriorated. Can I return to my previous Lion system without losing photos and documents? Any help will be much appreciated. It also co-incicded with my village upgrading our local broadband to the fibre which I did not take as my MacBook immediately became really slow.

I upgraded to El Cap in Feb 16, hoping that all necessary bugs had been fixed by then. When your tools give you daily heartbreak, the fun is gone. Not going to the Cloud.. DiskWarrior Is the highest rated repair and recovery program! Awarded 5 mice by Macworld magazine for an unprecedented 3rd time. Inducted into the iMore. Check out our Awards and Reviews. Buy Now or read the in-depth details about DiskWarrior. The DiskWarrior Recovery flash drive includes the following:.

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Click here to learn how to identify an APFS disk. Time Machine Volumes. Recovery HD. Internet Recovery.

How to Fix the Rainbow Spinning Wheel of Death on macOS

Target Disk Mode. External Startup Disk. DiskWarrior is Your Lifesaver. Buy Now. The world's most advanced repair and data recovery tool. DiskWarrior is incredibly safe to use. No one supports you like Alsoft. Developed just for Mac. It is like each recipient needs to be verified or something. Anyways, I get the spinning ball with very specific calendar invites. I too was getting the spinning wheel specifically going email to email.

For whatever reason if I fully maximize Outlook and read my email with the slightly smaller window I don't get the delay. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Learn more. Office Office Exchange Server. Not an IT pro? Sign in. United States English. Ask a question. Quick access. Search related threads. Remove From My Forums. Asked by:.

Outlook 2011, OS X El Capitan and the Pinwheel of Patience

Microsoft Office. Office for Mac. Sign in to vote. Can anyone recommend anything that truly fixes the problem? Monday, April 18, AM. All replies.