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Not supported Single Other tools may show job size in megabytes or kilobytes. Job Log Save and clear the Job Log regularly.

DocuColor™ 240/250

After the Job Log accumulates a large number of entries approximately 16, jobs , the Fiery stops responding when you start Command WorkStation. Activity Monitor When you print more than one copy Page 28 Incorrect display for FrameMaker jobs When you print a job with multiple copies from Adobe FrameMaker, the number of copies shown in Command WorkStation on Windows platforms is incorrectly displayed as 1. Page 29 Merging jobs with duplex printing In Spooler, if you merge two jobs that have duplex printing, the orientation of each page in the job cannot be changed because you are merging the raster data.

However, the page orientation that is correct for the individual jobs may not be correct for the merged job. Therefore, you might need to reorient one or more pages before merging the jobs. Page 30 Downloading PDF files with mixed page sizes or orientations When you download PDF files that contain more than one page size or orientation, the file may not print correctly. To print the file, open it in Adobe Acrobat and print using the printer driver. Page 31 Calibration using the ES In ColorWise Pro Tools, if you calibrate the Fiery using an ES spectrophotometer with Random patches selected, but the patch page you use actually contains Sorted patches, Calibrator does not notify you of your error.

To reset the system to the proper color state, reset all color settings to their defaults.

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  7. DocuColor 240/250 Support & Drivers.
  8. For Acrobat 5 jobs, select the Auto Rotation option for duplex printing. Booklet printing in Microsoft Word If you print a document as a booklet from Microsoft Word, you must set the page size in the application in Page 35 Microsoft PowerPoint on Windows When you print from Microsoft PowerPoint on Windows , you might see repeated images or images that are reduced in one dimension in the printed output. Sponsored links. Pa rt N umber: This document contains information about the F ier y N etwork Controller for.

    Befor e using the Fiery N etwork Controller for. Before printing to the F iery, make sure that system software version 1. F ier y.

    DocuColor 240/250 with Xerox FreeFlow DXP250 Support & Drivers

    Y ou must also install user software version 1. F or instr uctions,. Printing fr om Windows. User documentation av ailable online.

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    F or user documentation in all supported languages, including the. Customer U ser Addendum.

    How To: Download & Install the Xerox Global Print Driver

    System so ftwar e. System so ftware installation. If you install system software from a client computer o ver the network, and the installation. After installing, upgrading, or r einstalling softwar e.

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    Page 12 Page 12 Print options Image Shift not available from applications The print options related to Image Shift are not available in the Print dialog box of the application you print from. Page 13 Page 13 Manual Duplex If you print using Manual Duplex from Tray 5 Bypass , when you are prompted to load paper for Side 2, you must first empty the tray and then reload it with the Side 2 media.

    Page 15 Page 15 Custom page size Windows When you specify a custom page size in the Windows printer drivers, make sure that the custom size matches the page size specified in your application. Page 21 Page 21 Printing Job status information When you make photocopies on the copier, information about the job is displayed. Page 28 Page 28 Incorrect display for FrameMaker jobs When you print a job with multiple copies from Adobe FrameMaker, the number of copies shown in Command WorkStation on Windows platforms is incorrectly displayed as 1.

    Seems that the xerox color printer installer is not Rosetta based. The pjl commands seem to be very similar to that of the Docucolor I am able to print from a windows based machine using the driver to the Docucolor and use authentication users and group codes with no errors.

    xerox docucolor duplexing from mac, driver problem? -

    The color installer installs on Obviously the PPD I am using is written for Are there any I am sorry but If your client has decided to upgrade to OSX They are asking for trouble here as we all know how long it took EFI to write drivers for Join Date Mar Posts One thing you can try is using just the PPD rather than the full Fiery driver. I don't have This would make the driver behave kind of like the older-style mac drivers for example, our Ricoh E which ran System 8e where you had a "Printer Features" menu with lots of submenus rather than the fancy shmancy "Fiery Features" interface identical to CWS job properties.

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    I moved the plugins to the trash and left them there while I ran some tests before committing to deleting them. While my installers still worked in If you have an older installer as noted above it will not even install, as rosetta is blocked. If you have a newer installer, it will install, but some sandboxed apps such as text edit, preview and Acrobat Pro will flat out crash when printing to it. Non sandboxed apps seem OK so far We will have some solutions posted online soon, first of all you'll see a mini driver, that provides minimal options but works fine with Lion.

    Join Date Sep Posts 2. Another solution. I also struggled with this recently. We have a number of Macs running older Mac OS X systems so I simply set one up with the correct print driver for the and shared that printer out to the network in the sharing settings system preferences.