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Select DDNS from the list on the left.

QSEE (QC826) 16 Channel Unboxing and Test!

Check the Enable box. Enter your account information — including the user name and password that you used when creating your domain name. Click the OK button to preserve your settings. The DNS server information will be shown. Write this down for use in the next section. To find out the number of routers on your network, you will need to download a FREE router detection program.

Click on Detect Multiple Routers to begin the download.

If there is only one router detected, and you are using UPnP, then you will need to turn off that setting and attempt to connect using DMZ as described in Section 1. Unzip the application to install it. If so, it may be preferable to connect your DVR and computer to the router that connects directly to the Internet. However, this is not always possible depending upon your particular situation. In addition, you can see which users are online, limit online access and more.

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Find the DMZ page in the router settings. If you do not have a DMZ setting in the router, check to see if there is a Bridge setting.

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If so, then use the Bridge setting instead of DMZ. Save your changes.

You have forwarded the ports on the router to which the DVR is connected, to the IP address of the DVR, and set the primary router to pass the connection to this router. If you have proper system management rights Configured in Account, See Section 4. The maximum time a user can be disconnected is 18 hours 65, seconds. If Blocked Sites is enabled then no users from those IP addresses may log in. Up to 64 addresses may be entered. Several DVR functions allow you to send out e-mail alerts when specific events occur.

Configuring this feature lets you set the DVR up to send out alerts via e-mail to a single recipient.


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You may need to contact your e-mail provider or IT department for some required information. Depending upon your settings, the system can generate a lot of e-mail alerts.

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For that reason, we recommend setting up a dedicated e-mail address specifically for the system to send alert notices. If you do not have your own e-mail system such as a corporate mail server you should consider using a free e-mail provider. Similarly, you will want the alert e-mails to go to a different account than the one sending them.

This will ease your management of these alerts. Choose Trusted Sites. Click Add. Enter the trusted IP addresses into the field at the top of the window and click Add. Receiver — This is the recipient e-mail account. Repeat for additional addresses and then select OK to save your list. You only need to create one list or the other. You will need to grant Write privileges to the FTP upload user. Enter the FTP server address, port and remote directory. If the remote directory is left blank, the system will automatically create folders according to the IP, time and channel.

File Length — This is the maximum length in minutes. Files under the maximum will upload completely. Files longer than the maximum limit will only upload to that limit and not continue.

Installed Plug-ins

If the value is left at 0, there is no limit and the system will upload all files completely. Recordings made during the time s selected will be uploaded to the server. You can specify which type of incidents will be uploaded as well. This allows the user to be able to continue to maintain situational awareness without being restricted to being physically at their DVR or NVR. In the case of the latter system, this adds yet another layer of security as the NVR can be housed in a secure, off-site location while connecting to the cameras through a network connection.


In this manner, it is safe from any threat of malicious activity while the owner can be on-site and still in control of his or her surveillance situation. There are essentially two overall categories of remote monitoring: using a computer or a mobile device. Using a computer to monitor a system - regardless of the technology - adds a further layer of protection.

An off-site computer can serve as a back-up recorder and, if it detects a loss of connection to the security system, it can send out an alert on its own. For the purposes of this manual, mobile remote monitoring is covered separately in the next chapter. STEP 8. Close the window. Click the Custom level… button. However, the Web Service looks and operates identically on different browsers. Enter the User Name and Password in the appropriate fields.

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The default user name and password are admin and admin. If your network is slow, or if you are not on the same network as the NVR, then use the WAN option for better video speeds. We strongly recommend that you modify your password on the DVR itself for extra security before logging into it remotely as changing the password from a PC will cause you to be logged out. It is always possible that Microsoft may make changes in the future that will cause your display to place the Camera Controls, Picture Controls or other panels out of order, as in Picture rather than as shown in Picture Item To resolve this issue, select Compatibility View in the Tools drop-down to the upper right of the Explorer Window.

The page will refresh, and you will have to log in again before continuing. PICTURE It should be noted that the screen outlined in green is the one that will be affected by any control inputs and that clicking on another screen will highlight that one instead, making it the one that will be controlled.

Clicking on any of these will change from the live feed from the camera s to a new window allowing you to set or enable options and functions. Their use will be described later in this section. Cameras - Clicking on one of the camera icons will open the corresponding channel. Cameras will be numbered as they are on the DVR. In multi-camera vies, click on an empty channel before clicking on the camera icon. While you can refer to 6. Stream - When you are connected to the system on the same network LAN , you can select whether to use the main data stream or the smaller Extra Stream also known as a SubStream which may provide smoother video if you have bandwidth issues.

Systems on another network will only stream the substream. The tab labelled PTZ gives you access to settings to create scans, tours, preset points and etc.