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Additional cost per user. With our Support you will receive excellent support. Your questions can be answered via support site, email, chat and phone all year round. Spend less time figuring out the installation of your tax software. UltimateTax Online can be accessed with any internet browsers. No need to worry about your device's compatibility. Use it on a PC, Macbook or Chromebook. Access it with a desktop, laptop, or a 7" tablet.

Need help but don't want to contact customer service?

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A built-in help box is available with a comprehensive and context-sensitive feature. Let the software finish the thought you've started typing. Software specialists are available to help you without any fuss or additional charges. We convert many programs you may not see here or programs that go by different names. Forgot to hit the save the button?

No need to feel frustrated. UltimateTax Online automatically back-ups your work. Seamlessly manage multiple tasks all at once. Consult your client via phone or look at your client's documents without worrying about losing all the work you've done. The work-in-progress screen shares the status of tax returns you've filed. Give immediate updates to your clients if theyir returns were accepted or rejected. UltimateTax Online is a professional tax software equipped with e-File features.

File unlimited tax returns electronically without additional fees. Take on more clients with a faster and more efficient way of filing tax returns. E-Signature Available, use in office or remote, sign on customers device or on signature pad in office. Offer solutions to your clients by offering bank products.

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Provide refund options to your clients that will save them time and reduce their wait for their refund. UltimateTax provides the best negotiated, financially rewarding bank rebates in the industry. Your volume determines your rebate.

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The signed contract benefits you for your additional fees and protects your income stream. Understanding UltimateTax Online s buttons and features takes up no time at all! Designed with the simplest interface, new users can start using this professional tax software from Day 1. No one gets you more than Block. Disclaimer number 6.

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You should know that we do not endorse or guarantee any products or services you may view on other sites. They told me they would refund my penalties and interest but now that it comes down to doing so they are giving me the run around. I would never recommend Turbo Tax to anyone! Suspicious that it is so hard to contact them. My CD version could not read Quicken files.

Likely caused by the fact that Quicken files are QDF and Turbotax does not recognize those data files. Before calling, I tried to export a tax file from Quicken, then import to Turbotax. Income would import but not expenses. Finally the tech gave up and told me to manually enter. In fairness, I could have done that in the time I was on the phone holding. I should have known better, because I spent 8 hours on the phone trying to get assistance with on-line filing of s. I ended up re-entering after a promised return call was never made back to me.

I no longer use turbotax and their charitable contribution tracking software, itsdeductible. Worked well — turbotax imported the info from itsdeductible, so you tracked your contributions as you made them. But then they broke their own software and would not support it. They switched to a model where you needed the same login name on both products for turbotax to be able to import data from itsdeductible.

Import data from the previous year not in the set of free features? Really Intuit? I highly do not recommend Turbo Tax! All they care about is making money!!!! Once you upgrade, if you decide otherwise, they delete all your info and you have to start from scratch. This is not user friendly!!!! I definitely do not Turbo Tax!!! When I got to the end of the tax application they wanted to charge me They do offer the free level per the pricing above for EZ and A returns.

We find that to be pretty frustrating. Does Premiere calculate the depreciation on my rental home for me or do I have to figure it out and insert it? Is there anything I will have to manually figure out myself and enter? TurboTax calculates the depreciation based on the inputs you provide. It will also track it year to year and carry it over for you if you continue to use TurboTax. I received a notice of audit from MA Dept of Revenue because of a computer malfunction.

All of the inputs were correct as can be verified with my federal taxes and W-2s, the transfer was incorrect. The response I received from the 1st representative was that I was not listening to her explain to me that the letter was probably due to an incorrect report of taxes. I stated at the beginning that it was why I was calling on the phone call and had to explain multiple times what was happening and that the state was right.

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I had to dig through the tax return to find what had happened — a 0 was not transferred over to the state filing. The 2nd person I had to explain the problem again, but she listened to what I was saying and got me to someone to help. The 3rd person, Kim F.

Furthermore, she said that she needed to look into it and would give me a call back; I received an email back but no phone call. The email does state that I received a phone call which I certainly did not and can provide supporting documents to show this. I now am going to have to pay a separate accountant to look at every return that has been processed through TurboTax because I cannot trust that TurboTax processed the correct information accurately.

I tried to enter more than one R but the program will not allow it. When I click on add another, it takes me to the INT screen.

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I called help and the person that answered was no help — had little knowledge of the program. I tried all the help tutorials, the videos and on line. I used the product before and had no problems but this year Turbo Tax is proving useless — fine if you have no problems with the program but if you do there is no support. First time to file with turbotax. I efile my tax return about 2 weeks ago now and my status is still showing pending. Its been more then 48 hours and im worried if im going to have more issues.

I dont know if its because i used the free version to process.

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And now i cant get help to understand whats going on. Check out our tax refund calendar for more information: Tax Refund Calendar.