Mac second display desktop background

All the pictures in the Apple Background Images, Nature, Abstract, and Solid Colors categories are automatically scaled to the size of your screen.

To change your Desktop background automatically on a regular basis, enable the Change Picture check box and then choose the delay period from the corresponding drop-down list box. To display the images in random order, also enable the Random Order check box; otherwise, Mac OS X displays them in the order that they appear in the folder.

DisplayFusion: Multiple Monitors Made Easy by Binary Fortress Software

If you want your favorite color without the distraction of an image as a background, you can choose from a selection of solid colors. You can drag your own image into the well from a Finder window to add your own work of art.

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To view thumbnails of an entire folder, click the Pictures Folder to display the contents of your personal Pictures folder or click Choose Folder to specify any folder on your system. Click the desired thumbnail to embellish your Desktop. Why not use an image that pleases you or has some meaning?

iMac How To - Span One Wallpaper Across Multiple Monitors

It might just make your Mac even more user-friendly than it is already. Using a company logo or standardized background on their company-issued MacBooks is one way of accomplishing this. This can make it easier for novices to use the machine and reduce the number of help requests that need to be addressed.


You may run into the problem of discovering your pictures or wallpapers have been inadvertently deleted from your machine. You can try to get them back by downloading Disk Drill data recovery software.

This application can be used for free to scan for files that can be recovered. If you find files you want to restore, you can easily upgrade to a fully licensed version of the software and recover your images. So there you have it. You can now customize all of the background images your Mac will display both before and after you login. Have fun!

Personalize the Mac's Desktop Wallpaper With Your Own Pictures

One site we like, wallpaperfusion. Digital Trends also compiled a great list of their favorite dual display wallpapers, ranging from natural to surreal. To start, download an app such as Multi Monitor Wallpaper , which will save you the arduous task of cropping and editing your photo manually. Next, open the Multi Monitor Wallpaper app and drag your photo onto the application.

You have a beautiful new wallpaper background that fits cohesively across your dual monitors, all without sacrificing image quality.