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Dark Mode, phone number copying, 30 simultaneous calls, keep call windows on top, clear history, sound devices same as system. This was the perfect softphone app. All the things "missing" as claimed in other reviews are there- you just need to spend a couple minutes, at most, reading the docs to discover them. You can interact with phone menus just by typing, you can mute, transfer, etc.

The problem is that the dev is now adding unwanted "features" while breaking other features. It's still head and shoulders above every other client I was able to find when I checked them all out a couple years ago. If this keeps up though, I'll have to start checking them out again. Please write me an email to support 64characters.

No issues at all with function as VOIP client. Took me less than a minite to hook up to my VOIP system. uses cookies.

One minor problem is the lack of a mute button sincd OS X doesn't provide any reasonable way of muting the microphone. This used to be close to perfect, minimal but all the functionality required of a basic VOIP phone app. However, it has now moved to subscription model I would gladly pay for the application, but subscription? It still works without a subscription, but nags each time it is launched. For over a year, there have been promises of new functionality for subscribers.

None seem to have materialized, it has just been left in this annoying state. Actively looking for a replacement. This app did not itinaially work for me. Your articles and suggestions have helped me learn a lot. Thank you!

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Just search for it with Spotlight or LaunchPad. Not available in South Africa. Any ideas why?

Lali: I would imagine it would be billed just as if you called from your iPhone. So different functionality. It even stats in the settings on the Mac that both have to be on the same WiFi network. Is that not the case, am I not understanding how this work?

How to Make Phone Calls from Mac Using iPhone

Or is the call being done over WiFi via your internet connection? But if you have both options turned on, then it is technically possible to call from your Mac, via Wi-Fi, without your iPhone present or turned on. After all, if the call is routed via Wi-Fi though the Internet, and not via your iPhone through the mobile tower, then there is no need for your iPhone to be involved, technically.

But then again, it could be something that some carriers allow, and some do not, for whatever reasons they have. Does not work. All Rights Reserved. If you turn on the right options on your iPhone and Mac, you can receive and place phone calls via the FaceTime app on your Mac.

These calls can be from or to a non-Apple ID number or even a landline. Gary Rosenzweig.

How to Make Phone Calls from Mac Using iPhone

Arnie Keller. Scott Smith.

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Floyd Wige. Johnny Gonzalez. Thanks to Cameron and Gary I am able to initiate calls on my Mac now. From : to :. I was able to: 1.

Make and receive phone calls in FaceTime on Mac

Call a landline in another state using my MacBook, even with my iPhone turned off. John S. Doris Slattery. Don: Seems to say the same thing. Lali Raj.