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The software agent behaves like rootkit bootkit , reinstalling a small installer agent into the Windows OS at boot time. This installer later downloads the full agent from Absolute's servers via the internet.

Locate, Lock, and Recover Your Stolen Laptop

This installer small agent is vulnerable to certain local attacks [8] [9] and attacks from hackers who can control network communications of the victim. If the device is stolen the owner first contacts the police to file a report, then contacts Absolute. The next time the protected device connects to the internet it silently switches to theft mode and accelerates Monitoring Center communication.

The Investigations and Recovery team forensically mines the computer using a variety of procedures including key captures, registry and file scanning, geolocation , and other investigative techniques. The team works closely with local law enforcement to recover the protected device, and provides police with evidence to pursue criminal charges. In the event of theft, a user can log into their online account to remotely lock the computer or delete sensitive files to avoid identity theft. On some Toshiba laptops, rpcnetp.

In turn, rpcnetp. From then on, rpcnet. If Absolute receives a theft report, the service can be remotely commanded to phone home every 15 minutes, install additional 3rd vendor software, such as a key logger or a forensic package, make screenshots , etc. It can be configured to shut down the machine's power supply immediately in this case, to force a reboot.

It ensures the software is automatically reinstalled even if the hard drive is replaced, or the firmware is flashed. In the software earned a 4.

In the past few days, Joshua Kaufman successfully recovered his laptop with the help of Hidden, a Mac-only app that can track a laptop's movement. He used hidden to collect photos of the thief, screenshots of computer usage, and network and location data. He used Prey to collect location data and images, and he networked with Twitter friends to find the thief. Fortunately, the laptop was returned without a problem.

While Hidden and Prey may not be one of a kind, both are effective tools for helping recover stolen computers. There are a number of programs available that can aid users in tracking lost gadgets. Some of them are paid while others are free. Prey is free. Usage of these apps shows how well technology can assist in the recovery of lost items. It also demonstrates the strength of social networks in accordance with technology like Hidden and Prey.

In the case of Kaufman, it took months and a media explosion before the police could get make progress on his case. In the case of Power, the police refused to help because he had not filed a police report at first. This type of technology has existed for a number of years, but Adeona marked the first time this tracking software could be private. Adeona is so private that only the user can access the location data of the laptop. While Adeona may not provide the address or phone number of the thief, it does provide enough information that the laptop can be located.

Back when it released, it was open source.

According to a update on Adeona's page, new downloads of it are not encouraged because OpenDHT, a service Adeona worked symbiotically with, was taken down. There are a number of options for laptop owners. Some cater specifically to one operating system. Others are cross-platform. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Premium Edition offers a service, which the customer must authorize in writing, to remote wipe the computer a various levels. At the highest level, all files, including the OS itself, are deleted.

Depending on some conditions, if the remote wipe is not possible, the customer could receive reimbursement. A s mentioned above, the installation is irreversible by the user. The product comes on a standard. Next, comes the service agreement, which can be printed and must be agreed to. It's a 35 page PDF file, and I recommend reading it all because it spells out in detail just what the customer needs to do if the computer is stolen, deadlines, and procedures, and exactly what Absolute Software will do for the price paid.

Lojack Premium Student Edition - Mac-Win ESD 3 Year Subscription

I read most of the 35 pages, and my estimation is that the agreement is designed to describe in detail what's expected of both parties during this stressful period, and it's designed to protect Absolute Software from misunderstandings. I didn't see it as weasel worded or attempts to escape responsibilities.

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If you want to read it before you make a purchase decision, it's posted on the company's Website in full. During the installation process, the customer supplies the Product Registration Code, personal contact information and a password. There are several stages here, including some innocuous marketing questions, and then the user gets a chance at a final commit to the install -- or cancel. If the user commits, the license is activated and the LoJack software is installed.

At this point, ann account is created for the user and one can log in, look at personal details, the profile of the coverage, change password, and submit a theft report.

Also, an e-mail is sent back to the customer with the company's phone number and other information. This e-mail can be printed out and stored in a safe place.


LoJack for Laptops Premium

If the computer is stolen, a police report must be filed. Then, the customer, armed with a copy of the police report, simply calls Absolute Software to kick off the process shown in the diagram above. During install, it's recommended that firewalls and anti-virus software be disabled to facilitate the Internet communication during the registration process.