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A questo punto basta segui le istruzioni su schermo. Si tratta di una procedura normale. Se volete conoscere tutto su macOS I tutorial per Mac sono tutti raccolti in questa pagina del nostro sito.

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Tutorial e FAQ. Come aggiornare il firmware degli AirPods. Dove scaricare software per i vecchi Mac? Verificare lo stato della batteria di iPhone, cambiare la batteria di iPhone: la guida completa. Come richiamare tutti i destinatari delle mail inviate da Mac. Come risolvere i problemi delle connessioni Wi-Fi in macOS. Come cancellare ricerche e cronologia in Google Maps iOS. Thanks Dan. Dan, yes it is possible to use the old DVD drive by putting it in an external enclosure.

The only drawback was that it came with two USB cables - one for power the unit and one for data - but other than that the DVD still worked as expected and also the eject button on my keyboard causes the DVD to eject as expected. Many thanks Danilo - I just need to find somewhere to purchase these in the UK, sadly Amazon does not look like it has it but I am sure I will find somewhere to purchase Danilo, Thanks for the great advice!

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This sounds exactly like what I need to do on my imac. My hard drive crashed - ugh! I'm having trouble comparison shopping for more competitive rates because it seems like the items are older so why are they more expensive?? Are there other options that might be less pricy or newer models for each? Thanks for any info you can offer!! If you live in the U. Thanks for your prompt response! Yes, I'm in the US Arizona. I copied your link directly into my search bar.

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It says it's for a notebook, but I'm on an imac. Will that still work? Thanks again!! Sorry about that. Recently all the Kingston SSDs have dropped in price.

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Regarding the HD the important thing is the form factor: you need the small 2. But you can get any 2. So there should not be difference where you put the SSD drive.

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Just wondering if this worked out for you? I am about to embark on a similar upgrade, i. But again in theory it should work just fine. Danilo, I'm planning to do this, however I was wondering if there would be any problem with using a WD 2. The one you have listed is becoming rare to find and double the price. Danilo, after I've completed changing both drives, I just get a blank screen. I think it is the LCD connector, I've tried it twice but same results.

Any suggestions? Greg, if I understand you correctly this is normal. When you replace the original disk and the optical bay with two unformatted disks, the system cannot boot anymore. Then you restar the iMac by pressing the Option button and you tell the boot loader to boot from the external drive.

Once the system is up you can then format the disks as explained above. The final step is to clone the SSD with your original hard drive content. Danillo, Ok, I have all the hardware runnig. I copied the users files onto the HD. Now I am trying to set up the users from HD users.

When I try to login in at root I have no unix experience it gives me an incorrect login on terminal. If I just hit return or type in my user password, it says incorrect. Ken, yes I'm still using this computer and I had no problems with it. So, that ship has sailed, with my OptiBay on it. If I do this, then I wouldn't need any other fancy setting up to do right? Luiz Eduardo, you are correct.

You can just replace the old HDD with a 2. And then you just need to install the software on your new SSD. Sorry to hear that you lost your OptiBay adapter. Good luck. OWC only seem to have ones for iMac models. Can you advise on where to get one from? Thanks in advance. Craig, sorry for the late response.

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But you can certainly do what you are suggesting, i. My solution had the advantage of not requiring an external enclosure, but again it still works without a problem. The Alternative To A Mac Upgrade When you are using a Mac sometimes you can notice that over time your computer will be slower with a bit more lag than you are used to and that's because sometimes information gets truly clogged up and starts overlapping and really destroying the functions that should preform normally. You do not need to upgrade your Mac anymore not with Detox your Mac.

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What this program does is it truly helps to clean out everything in your Mac and make it function better and faster than it has in a long time. Sometimes even restoring the factory quickly you had when you bought the computer to begin with. When you use a computer it becomes absolutely filled up with useless files and copies of files which you thought you might have gotten rid of but the fact of the matter is that everything is stored on a computer until you can really get in there and clean it with a product such as Detox my Mac simply because it gets down deep into the computer to places that a normal Mac user wouldn't even go to look for things.

Understanding full well that Mac computer are not cheap means that instead of getting an even more expensive upgrade you can actually use this product to help clean out everything that need to be cleaned out and get your computer up and running at peak performance. Within just a few seconds after starting the program you can have it go through hundreds of thousands of files getting rid of everything that is useless. Having a hard drive full of useless information really does make things so much harder on the computer itself and can be a true frustration to someone who really needs to just get the job done on the computer but instead they are having to wait longer and longer periods of time for loads and downloads or even for the initial startup of the computer before they can get anything done.

That's the great thing about Detox my Mac is that it takes your computer and goes through file by file and everything that is useless it will get rid of it and help restore the Mac back to a point where you can actually get what you need to get done without issues or waiting or even the dreaded crashing.

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