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Chamber of Reflection - Freemason Information

You may like. By Kyle Lemmon. Continue Reading. By Sam C. By Alexa Camp. By Michael Joshua Rowin. Published 2 weeks ago on October 24, By Jeremy Winograd. By Seth Wilson. By Anna Richmond. Popular Latest. Games 6 days ago. Music 7 days ago. Video 6 days ago.

Video 7 days ago. Theater 20 hours ago. Film 22 hours ago. Film 1 day ago. Film 2 days ago. Film 3 days ago. Sign Up for Our Weekly Newsletter. Marching on through the song is the sentiment on repeat: the artist is more tired than ever before. And what makes the slacker wane? Well, a few things really. In each of these entities we get a different slice of the multi-layered human that is Mac Demarco, and it only adds to the allusiveness of songs that have lonely lyrics and surfer rock melodies.

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He was maturing. He had things to worry about. He was weathered. But damnit, the guy still likes to party. And he still wants to wear frayed hats. Thanks so much, Mac!! My first dog died today His name was Sam. Mac always felt like a guy that helps ya feel well after losing your dog. Yes Mack. Those sounds — psychedelic yet heartwarming. Im feeling like every macdemarco song is cover from late 80 90 70 japanese artists or etc, but fuck it. You can play this during a Lustful endeavor, or as a temporary comfort to a time of grievance. He makes great music.

I recently just broke up with my girlfriend of two years. I meet her at the beginning of high school and she became the first person I fell in love with. As we both got older things started to get a little harder for us and by the end of it we both wanted different things in our lives. Even if you get caught up in the moment and think the person your with is your whole life.

Thank you mac for your beautiful tunes. May there be many more to come and many more loves, to love. Imagine parting ways with your babygirl of 5 years… Yeah … Really smoking hot phillipina too. I met her when im 16 im 21 now. Not sad no mad just neutral about. Nothing a couple drinks and a night out with some buddies wont fix. Bless up mate. Mac in trending, at least the one to ten people running this trending page have a decent inkling of what to put there sometimes.

This is a beautiful piece of music. Those piano chords in the chorus. Absolutely beautiful. This is one of my favorite mac songs now.

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I liked this dong until the end of my acid trip. Now it makes me feel all alone all by myself. Gives me that alone feeling right in my gut no evetytime i hear it and dont like it. Cause maybe thats how i really feel in real life.

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Perfect flow from first song to last. Great job Mac, from a fellow musician from Chile! Justo estaba buscando si alquien lo mencionaba. Y si a mi oido me parece que los acordes son exactamente lo mismo. I definitely plan to keep this up. I always compliment them on their selection. Glad to see this album is going to be out in a matter of days.

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Every single one of Macs music makes me feel warm inside! Also reminds me a tiny bit of a slower virtual insanity by jamiroquai. Are there more songs like in the 70s to like 90s that sound and have the same genre like this one thx :S. This song is so amazing. The type of work that most artists in this genre, or any, only wish they could approach. Yacht rock GOLD. He is the king. Wow; honestly I relate so much to this song right now. Just feel like this keeps happening to me. Just Mac last night in Cleveland.. Love you Mac, you beautiful soul.

For every 1 person that watches this, people watch Ed Sheerans Shape of You. Like this if youre one of the 0.


Puta que pariu! The watery effects of the video and the song remind of the water levels in Super Mario 64, especially the pyschic card game with the lake and serene music.

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  8. Some of your comments are so warm and wonderful. Even poetic. Some are childish and sad. Come on guys. Lets be a bit classier. Keep it up man. Wth just found you, and this is beautiful.