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When done, the Safari window closes and the same modal pops up asking me to authenticate again. Community content may not be verified or up-to-date. Learn more. Recommended Answer Recommended Answers 2. Recommended Answer. I posted this on Google forums after Apple Support claimed it was an issue with Google, but after further tests I discovered it wasn't and that the issue was due to a bug in Mac OS Apple has acknowledged this.

The only fix I found is to remove all Google accounts and add them manually as IMAP accounts with an app password generated from the security settings of the corresponding Google account. I haven't found a way for this to work with Calendar though. Original Poster. Was this ever resolved for you? I ask because there are some other weird goings-on which I am investigating. Let me know if I can maybe add something to this, to try to help you if still necessary. All Replies I think this is normal and expected if you are using the mail app to download mail from a gmail account. I do this. I am not sure what the story is with Safari, however; that may be a Mojave refinement.

If all that is right, then your problem is that after you go through this procedure, it does not seem to take.

Use 1Password as an authenticator for sites with two-factor authentication

You might also try entering your full log-in credentials in your mail app preference--perhaps that will satisfy the app and it will stop pestering you. But it is safe to conclude that while you're not experiencing anything like the issues other users appear to be reporting, it is apparently all down to the Mojave update for those of us who are.

Thank you so much for your insight and taking the time to respond. OS I found it first needed me to log into my computer then gave me the go ahead to log into Google. Perhaps this may be the permissions needed.. This question is locked and replying has been disabled. Discard post?

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What to Do If You Forget Your Mac’s Password

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Locked out of your Mac? How to bypass and reset your password to get back in

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Cancel Delete. When this time period has elapsed, a new, auto-generated passcode replaces the expired account passcode. The gear icon appears upper right on the toolbar — as in the image below — if a PIN is required to unlock the app.

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Follow the steps in Add Account. Account tiles can be re-ordered if more than one account appears on this app. On the account tile, click to the right of the pencil icon to e dit the account name. Click the red circle with minus sign icon on the account tile to delete the account.

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When the enrollment process initiates, follow the steps for Add Account. The gear icon appears upper right on the toolbar only if a PIN is required to unlock the app. Supply a new 4-digit PIN — without repeating or sequential digits — and click Enter. Once on the Multi-Factor Authentication methods page, select Time-based Passcode from the list of options, and click Submit.

In environments that support more than one type of OTP app, the end-user may not know this option also applies to desktop OTP apps. In the Advanced Settings section, click Content and Localization. Click Save once the configuration is complete and before leaving the Content and Localization page to avoid losing changes. Paste the passcode from the app on the login page, and click Submit to gain access to the realm. Expand all Collapse all. A t tachments 45 Page History.

Skip to end of banner. Jira links. Ensure the desktop device is using a bit processor and running either OS X Passcode Mac App Provisioning Steps.

Once the SecureAuth Passcode client has been installed on the OS X device, start the application; the splash screen appears. Add Account. Create PIN. Create a 4-digit PIN code — without repeating or sequential digits — to use for unlocking the app 9. Passcode Generation. The provisioned app appears with a one-time passcode that can be used in Multi-Factor Authentication The passcode for this account is valid only for the period of time specified on the Multi-Factor App Enrollment Realm When this time period has elapsed, a new, auto-generated passcode replaces the expired account passcode The gear icon appears upper right on the toolbar — as in the image below — if a PIN is required to unlock the app.

App Account Management. Edit Account s. Click the pencil icon.